As they say there – plant a tree, raise a son and build a house. Minimum program for stronger sex. The desire to fulfill it is often very high – especially the part where the house is mentioned. But what to do if you have no idea which house is better to build and what materials to choose for it? Do you bend brick walls or ceramic blocks or can you quickly mount them on Let’s start with the first one.

wo main construction technologies are now popular. The first of these is monolithic brick or block masonry. This is a “wet” method, because a solution is kneaded during operation. The second method of construction (“dry”) involves assembling a house, as a designer, from large elements. The main part of the walls is the insulation. In principle, both technologies allow to obtain strong and completely deliverable structures.

The main thing is to choose correctly from what to build, as well as who will build. This is especially true for frame houses. It is important here not to calculate with the choice of materials of adequate quality, and builders to find sensitive that will not deceive anything. Therefore, do not rush – if it is not so easy to damage a house of heavy materials, then in the case of light materials it is better to measure seven times, and the construction is so ideal.